Holiday Parking Gatwick

Holiday Parking provides long-term car parking at Gatwick Airport from 1st March - 31st October. Holiday Parking is only really suitable if you are flying from the north terminal.

Holiday Parking Gatwick operates transfers by minibus to and from the airport every 10 minutes and half hourly during peak period. Otherwise transfers operate on request, taking around 12 minutes to Gatwick's North Terminal. Minibus transfers do not operate to the South Terminal but you can take Gatwick's free transit train which is a monorail running between the north and south terminal.

Holiday Parking Directions:

See booking confirmation or ask your agent.

Holiday Parking Transfers from airport:

Customers receive a plastic card, with transfer request number.

Actual timings of transfers:

24 hours 7 minutes to South & 10-15 mins to North Terminal.

Holiday Parking Security Measures:

Fencing, floodlights, CCTV and regular patrols

Other services provided:

Help with luggage car problems on return.

Holiday Parking Arrival Procedure:

Go to arrivals area. Hand car keys in at reception along with your voucher and check in.

Holiday Parking Departure Procedure:

Go to reception to collect car keys. Car will be in bays opposite reception building.

Opening Periods:

24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Holiday Parking Minimum Stay:

8 Days

Holiday Parking Insurance:

Indemnifies customers for damage resulting from any proven act or negligence on part of its servants/agent

Facilities for the disabled at Holiday Parking:

Recommended to use the short-term car parks on the airport site.

Trailer and Car:

Trailers are not permitted.

Maximum Car Size:

Width restriction of 7ft. No Motor Homes or transit vans.

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Holiday Parking Gatwick Quote

Gatwick Parking
Studio 116
44/46 Morningside Road
Edinburgh. EH10 4BF

0871 360 1387

Holiday Parking