NCP Flightpath Gatwick

NCP Flightpath is ideal if you are flying from the north terminal at Gatwick airport.

Flightpath is the closest on-airport long-term car parking to the north terminal.

Gatwick NCP Flightpath provides transfers to and from the airport that run every 10 minutes, taking about 10 minutes into the terminal. Transfers are available by minibus from a pick-up point outside the main terminal to the car park.

Directions to NCP Flightpath:

Follow signs to Gatwick to the North terminal, then signs to Long Term Car- Park and follow Flightpath signs.

NCP Flightpath Transfers from airport:

From North Terminal exit the lower level turn right, to coach bays.365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 10 minute trip.

NCP Flightpath Security Measures:

Security fencing, lighting, remote cameras. Holders of Secured Car Parks Award, patrolled by staff and police.

NCP Flightpath Arrival Procedure:

Take ticket at barrier & park car, keep keys. During certain periods you may be asked to leave keys so car can be moved.

NCP Flightpath Departure Procedure:

Drive to Customer Service & park. Exchange confirmation email / voucher and entry ticket with cashier before exiting.

NCP Flightpath Minimum Stay:

1 Day

Number of spaces at NCP Flightpath:


NCP Flightpath Insurance:

NCP Flightpath indemnifies customers for damage resulting from any proven act or negligence on part of its servants/agent

Facilities for the disabled at NCP Flightpath:

Recommended to use the short-term car parks on the airport site.

Trailer and Car:

Are charged and need to be booked.

Undercover parking:


NCP Flightpath Important Information:

Price includes a BAA public transport surcharge of 30p per booking.

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